e/utopia Video Piece to be Exhibited at the Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2016

A Video piece from the e/utopia project will be displayed as part of the utopia:dystopia exhibition which forms part of the Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2016.

UD general description-1

A Video piece from the e/utopia project will be displayed as part of the utopia:dystopia exhibition which forms part of the Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2016.  This is an exciting exhibition which looks at the modern relevance of the concept, 500 years after the publication of Sir Thomas Mores book which introduced the term Utopia.

UD general description-1

As you can see there are some wonderful artists involved and I’m feeling incredibly excited to be part of this.

UD in the world-1

The exhibition runs between May 28th to June 12th between 10am and 6pm.  For further details and a list of other exhibiting artists check the event posters above.

Prescriptions Exhibition – The Ghost Project Book

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‘The Ghost Project’ Book will form part of the ‘Prescriptions’ exhibition at The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Kent.  I’m really excited to be part of this juried exhibition which will run alongside an exhibition of Martha Hall’s work as part of the Artists Books and Medical Humanities symposium and workshop, organised by the University of Kent and the University of New England.

Martha Hall was a fascinating lady who created wonderful artists book as part of her fight against Breast Cancer, given the parallels of how The Ghost Project is my response to my mothers fight against the same horrid disease, this feels very special to me.  I think my mother would be tickled pink that ‘her’ book will be there.  The exhibition is centered around how various artists have responded in book format to the themes of illness, healing and wellbeing and is supported by The Wellcome Trust and runs between Thursday 21st April through to Sunday the 14th of August 2016.

If you’d like to view the online catalogue you can find it here.

Soul Searching at the Dewsbury Museum


I’m really excited to announce that ‘Trapped’ one of the images from ‘The Ghost Project’ is currently being exhibited at the Dewsbury Museum as part of an exhibition on mental health called ‘Soul Searching’.  The exhibition started on the 16th of January and will run till the 31st of March 2016.  The exhibition has been curated by Mark Milnes for the Creative Arts Hub CIC and there is also a satellite exhibition being held at the Laurence Batley Theatre.  In fact I was really excited when they chose use use trapped on the poster for this part of the exhibition.


The Ghost Project Book – Limited 1st Edition Update

A book I never thought I’d see….


A Book I Never Imagined I’d see…

I never quite believed that I would ever see this book for real.  I hoped I would, dreamed I would even, but somehow I wasn’t quite prepared for it to actually happen.  The response has been amazing with half the limited edition books selling before the run came off the press.

It’s been such a long draining journey for me, since the first night I stood in central London and somewhere in my brain the decision was made to create an image out of all these ideas which were swirling around in my mind.  It was the first time that I had left my mother since her operation 6 weeks earlier, taking the train down to London to meet up with friends, and I didn’t really feel there.  I didn’t really feel anywhere, I felt like a ghost.

Years later I got into the car to head to the printers to check the proofs of the book created from the photographs I’d made since that night.  I was so nervous I felt physically sick.  Of course there was no need to be nervous and the staff at the printers were wonderful.  It took hours to get things just right, we worked straight through lunch, all of us determined to deal with every tiny little niggling problem.  Eventually we were there, with everything set up and a test proof of the entire book was created.

I had promised myself I was going to be very professional throughout, but well, that didn’t happen.  When the first proof came out of the machine after being trimmed to size and Mike the printer handed it to me the tears welled up.  Holding it in my hands that first time was an experience very difficult to explain.

A few days later I collected the print run, not wanting to rely on couriers at this time of year, and the first of the pre-ordered books were shipped out to their new owners.  Half of the books have now sold which is amazing.  Some have gone to people who have been following the series since it’s early days, others are new to the project.  I’d like to thank each and every one of them, of you, for sharing part of this journey with me.